****We can provide methanol and lye for Local Customers ONLY****

Tired of paying high prices for diesel?

Do you care about the environment?

No Bull Bio-Diesel is a cost-effective bio-friendly alternative for vehicles that run on diesel fuel.

Our processor allows you to convert used vegetable oil into diesel fuel in your garage for under a dollar a gallon. Restaurants have to dispose of their used oil and many of them pay to have it picked up. They are normally happy to have someone take the oil away for free. Why not use it to power your car or truck?

No Bull Bio-Diesel has been producing bio-diesel for several years. We have run thousands of gallons of 100 percent bio-diesel in our trucks. It’s the perfect solution for those who need a lot of fuel to keep their business fleet running safely and smoothly. It’s also great for families on a budget who are concerned about making the world a greener place to live.


"Listen to a live interview with the No Bull Biodesiel Owner"

In the early days of our fuel brewing, there were a lot of questions about the process. The Internet forums had a lot of people who talked in chemical chains and periodic table abbreviations trying to explain the process. This was confusing and frustrating.

Although we used information from outside sources, it still took trial and error on our behalf to perfect the process and produce quality fuel. But once the process was refined, our trucks started driving past gas stations and our drivers were smiling as they saw fuel prices skyrocket.



Why Choose our No Bull Kit?

  • Any car or truck (including the newest models) that uses diesel fuel can use biodiesel fuel made at a reasonable price with our No Bull Kit.
  • Our kit includes everything you need to make quaility fuel.
  • Our system will allow you to process approximately 40 gallons of biodiesel per three and a half days during which it will require approximate two hours of physical labor time. 
  • The No Bull System offers an economical way to make your own fuel while disposing of an industrial waste product. It’s a very simple process and it’s good for the environment, your vehicle, and your pocketbook.
  • The cost is only $1899.99 and includes shipping and handling!
  • Our directions are easy to follow. And we can personally provide you with assistance over the phone, if needed.
  • Units come 75% pre-assembled.

Once you order your system, and we receive your payments (by Internet or phone), your order will be processed. It takes approximately two to four weeks for the kit to ship, but during that time you will be in touch with one of our bio-diesel specialists who will assist you with any additional questions you might still have. When your kit arrives, you will be ready to start making fuel.

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For more information, please can contact us toll free:
1-866-274-0728 or 1-877-8BULLKIT or by email Ezbiodieselkit@yahoo.com